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Hola!!!! My name is Pia OyarzĂșn and I’m an underwater/land photographer and videographer from Chile. I’ve been taking pictures from 2011. I started in Brazil then I moved to Turks & Caicos, Thailand and now I’m based in Bahamas, were I found this beautiful water and the amazing sharks! Come and discover with me the amazing world through my lenses!

I am also a Dive Instructor PADI and a Journalist. Open to travel all over the world.


  • Diving & Freediving 100% 100%
  • Air & Surface 95% 95%
  • Mermaid 85% 85%
  • Commercial Shoots 80% 80%

my elements


Taking pictures in the ocean gives me the chance to create a infinite canvas.


Our land is full of wonders, I love to go exploring, and capturing that special moment in magical places.


The aerial scenarios you can get from a drone is just a new universe to explore.


Not too confident in taking pictures in the ocean or want to try something different ? The pool is the perfect place to start.

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